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Training Specialist – Internship

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Hi, this is Julia from Futureberry!
We have an ambitious project, and we are looking for an extraordinary person to help us make the world of online education shine!

PS: CV is required, and if it helps you tell more about who you are, you can also send us a cover letter in PDF format!
If you have problems with sending files, write to hello@futureberry.com

  • Position +

    Training Specialist Intern - 6-month extracurricular internship with reimbursement of expenses
  • You recognize yourself as +

    A person with a good head on her shoulders and ready to start from scratch, who loves to experiment and be curious, even and especially beyond her work.
    In Futureberry there are alpine explorers, bee lovers, theater actresses, art observers, avid readers. Who are you?
    It is also important that you recognize yourself as a person who wants to have a positive impact: in Futureberry it is essential.
    The Berries, those in private and those when we are together, are always trying to make their mark: in the companies we go to, in the communities we interact with or simply in our everyday working lives, in true B Corp style.
  • It is important that you have +

    Curiosity and search for different stimuli, no fear of asking questions, willingness to put yourself out there and experiment.
    The background of study or any previous experience, if any, is not our focus: the strangest paths, often are the ones that help the most to cope with the daily unexpected. The important thing is that you are willing to try new things and experience different roles, activities, and themes related to vocational training!
    You'll be working in a fantastic team designing, creating, and managing e-learning pathways (the big buzzwords you'll often hear are, for example: pills, Academy, interactive activities, events, etc.).

    Here are some things you will find yourself doing:
    - Production of graphic content (slides, presentations)
    - Managing the training platform (checking user database, enrollment, sending newsletter communications)
    - Some copy work (newsletters, presentation blurbs)
    - design support
    You don't have to excel at everything-it's an internship, you will be trained* and tutored* on a wide range of activities and skills.
  • If you have them, it's a great help +

    Do you often do detailed travel planning? Did you open Excel and not feel sick? Are you able to juggle graphical tools like Canva?
    Do you dabble in leisure writing or do you often proofread your friends' texts? Do you have an interest in issues around continuing education? Do you have a passion for games of any kind? Did you create slides that were readable?
    If you answered yes to most of the questions, that's a very good start.
  • What can you develop +

    You will be able to develop skills related to adult education, activity and event planning. You will learn how to relate to other professionals and understand how businesses work and how you can help them!
    You will discover for yourself* that within Futureberry, knowing how to work in a team is crucial: it will be one of the skills you will definitely develop, from an organizational standpoint to managing feedback given and received.
  • Deadline + other info +

    _Interview stages
    a first meeting with me and a*other* Berry online or otherwise, but we prefer to meet you in person here in Milan at our location on C30 in Romolo.
    A second meeting with Dino, the founder (in this case in attendance in Milan).

    _Time and space
    The management of one's time in Futureberry is individual and independent, always with a great sense of responsibility (you know when you need to disconnect, but you know just as well when there is a goal to be accomplished).

    The internship will last 6 months, full time with 40 hours per week. You will have a monthly expense reimbursement of €750.

    The work is hybrid, with freedom of choice on days to be done remotely or in person, except for Monday, the only day where it is highly recommended to be in Milan (in C30 at Romolo https://onedaygroup.it/c30/) to catch up and be all together.
    N.B. the more you are present in C30 for the first few months, the faster we will get to know you and work together :)

    You will be provided with a company laptop. Expense reimbursements are provided for travel outside Milan.

    _More info
    We are very transparent: employment after the internship is not automatic, but it is not necessarily impossible if there is the right fitting and interest on both sides.
    Let's get to know each other and find out!

    The window for applications will close on Feb. 15


If you want, attach other materials that you think might be useful to tell you: we will try to answer you as soon as possible!

If you want, attach other materials that you think might be useful to tell you: we will try to answer you as soon as possible!

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