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We are a group of people with different experiences and coming from various paths

We are creatives, designers, explorers.
We are all different and we love it.


What happened this month

What happened this month

Directly from the bright garden of the C30, our headquarters, Giulia updates us on what happened in the last month, between Conad and GiGroup events, and what awaits us in the next few weeks.

We are a collective of free and unconstricted minds.

Chiara Forzatti

Change Expert // Project Leader

Michele Bianchi

Transformation Designer // Facilitator

Piero Gandini

Change Expert

Dino Torrisi

CEO // Founder

Benedetta Roiati

Transformation Designer // Crew Supervisor

Gigi Carnevale

Project Designer // Facilitator

Riccardo Nasuti

Project Designer // Facilitator

Antonella Zeverino

Strategic Designer // Project Manager

Eleonora Ingannamorte

Transformation Designer // Crew Supervisor

Massimo Gennarelli

Business Development // Co-Founder

Jacopo Musicco

Strategic Designer // Facilitator

Giulia Barbera

Administration, finance and control

Giulia Giacometti

Instructional Designer // Project Manager

Stefano Bracchi

Marketing & Communication Manager

Xheni Gavoci

Project Designer // Facilitator

Argentina Giusti

Change Expert // Client Leader

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