10 November 2023

🎾 What does Spikeball hide?

🎾 Hybrid work, seeing each other sometimes yes and many times no, have given new meaning to team-building moments, and these moments need to transform accordingly, to become more open to participants’ contributions, less hierarchical, and in which the activity that brings people together needs to be thought about the team’s needs, characteristics, and challenges.

The a2a #SportFestival was designed this way, and the reflections that emerged are of great value.
A group of people playing #Spikeball for the first time can seem like a chaotic mass of elbowing, half-shaking, vaguely censored expletives. But if you look closely you can see so much of how the group experiences new situations, experiences space and relationship with others.

Chiara Forzatti, our activity coach, emphasized together with the participants these points:
– individual responses when faced with something new and unexpected are very different, but the learning process in a group is surprisingly fast, made up for everyone of trial and error, risks and leaps, continuous sharing of experiences
– handling the error and failure might instinctively lead one to look for the culprit, but to improve the outcome nothing is more effective than the desire to restart, trying to do better with every ball played thereafter
– Having overview is the key to moving through complexity-as much in play as in work-and it means always moving quickly, flexibly, adapting and being ready to change strategy based on the… trajectory of the ball!