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We are an atypical consulting firm.

We are in the business of cultural transformation & change management

We are strategic designers, transformation challengers, empathy curators, conversation explorers, innovation artisans and team boosters.

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Change is a visionary act and there’s no real change without courage and creativity.

We help companies make a lasting, sustainable, impactful change and reach their shifting point in unexpected ways.

We call it
the method&magic approach. We design transformational projects guided by a long-term strategic method made extraordinary by the magic of our inspiration.

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We are atypical, yes, that’s why we make the difference.

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How can we work with you?

We awaken leaders’ curiosity, inspire teams to shape the change from the inside and support organizations in the cultural, human, and creative process of transformation to generate a positive impact.

Where do you want to go?
We’ll take you.

We guide organizations to explore possible futures. We bring inspiration, we involve amazing people, we analyze new trends, we do research, we facilitate envisioning activities, we design inspirational festivals.

Change Management & Transformation


For those who have decided to embrace change and are looking for fellow travelers on their new journey.

Leadership & Talents


For those who want to trigger contagious forces and ideas.

Engagement & Events


For those who need to find meaning in what they do and reconnect with others.

Digital mindset


To develop an innovative and future-oriented mindset.

Inspiring & Envisioning


To envision a new future and give rise to innovation.


Find out who will work with you.

We are a collective of free and unconstricted minds.

We are strategic designers, transformation challengers, empathy curators, conversation explorers, innovation artisans and team boosters.


Inspiration is all around us.

Research is always at the very base of our approach. Get one of our reports or read some news.

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