30 May 2024

📅 Saturday, November 25

▲ Photo taken from the stands of the Milan women’s soccer derby, com in the foreground the “fuck patriarchy” cap

On Saturday 25, some* of us Berries were at the event, some* at the derby AC MilanFC Internazionale Milan of the Women’s Series, someone* on their own or with their loved ones, coming to terms with the words of always, violence, death, woman, life, freedom, always more concerned or more pissed off, depending on where the pendulum swings.

Everyone experienced his or her Nov. 25 in his or her own way, but in our own way we decided to be there and stay there, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, always, in the many ways in which we can carry on our legs the never-ending and trivial idea that no one should have his or her freedom, security, integrity restricted in a systematic, systemic, everyday way.

We can do this by thinking, talking, reading words and data (Donata Columbro, always thank you https://lnkd.in/dT3WRJBU), demonstrating, taking action, reporting if explicit non-consensual material is shared in chat rooms or groups, telling someone that they have stopped being an asshole and started becoming abusive, donating and campaigning for l* activist* and anti-violence associations.

You can do a lot of things wrong, but you can also do a lot of things right.