14 December 2023

Tips for the weekend of December 1/2/3

1. Cibernetica e Fantasmi – December 15 to 30.

December 15 to 30 Sineglossa presents in Recanati, at. Villa Colloredo Mels, the poetry and artificial intelligence exhibition CIBERNETICS AND FANTASMS, in collaboration with The Tip of the Tongue –Total Poetry Festival, with support from. Marche Region – Department of Culture and the sponsorship of the City of Recanati – Department of Culture.

An exhibition that chooses Giacomo Leopardi’s hometown and a title inspired by a lecture by Italo Calvino to illuminate new points of contact between the eternal human need for poetry and the linguistic and combinatorial capabilities of artificial intelligences. The idea that a machine can remove human beings from the “stores of life” and replace them in “material things” as much as and especially in “spiritual things” is anticipated by Leopardi in 1824, in one of the Moral Operettas less well known but more visionary and futuristic, in which the poet from Recanati imagines an Academy of Sillographers – sylographers were, in ancient Greece, poets of ironic and burlesque verse – establishing a call for competition to award prizes for the three best inventions capable of replacing human beings.

Exhibition opening: 16 – 30.12.2023 | h. 10-13, 15-18
Talk & Opening: 15.12.2023 | h 18.00, closing h.21


2. Città in Scena – December 13/14/15/16/17

From Dec. 13 to 17, 2023, Rome is the scene of the first urban regeneration festival in Italy, with Città in Scena, produced by Fondazione Musica Per Roma, ANCE-Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Edili, Associazione Mecenate 90 and CIDAC-Associazione delle Città d’Arte, with the contribution of Intesa Sanpaolo and Deloitte as Main Sponsors .

The Widespread Festival of Urban Regeneration aims to highlight and recount the strong planning capacity of Italian cities, particularly those in between, which are showing forms and models for a transformation of our country in the directions of inclusion, sustainability and resilience.

The festival includes. 5 days of meetings, presentations, debates, comparisons, screenings and performances dedicated to telling the story of excellent initiatives: projects implemented, in progress or in the pipeline that aim to regenerate places and spaces for new functions consistent with the development of new urban models and that use culture as a guiding element of transformation.


3. Mercato della Conoscenza e della Non Conscenza – December 17. H.16 – 20.30


Drinking city, moral capital, European city, metropolis of inequality. Labeled for all time, Milan escapes attempts to freeze it in a model and moves as a complex system that within itself simultaneously produces antagonism and complementarity.

85 experts – urban planners, artists, historians, architects, sociologists, citizens, activists, economists – present their experience of living, working and thinking in the metropolitan city. What does it mean to move within an urban complexity? What adaptation and innovation actions generate change? And if in all this the unpredictable happens-what urban tomorrows await us?

The Marketplace of Knowledge and Non-Knowledge is a project of Berlin-based artist, curator and playwright Hannah Hurtzig. First presented in 2004, it has been staged 34 times in 13 different countries. For each presenting city, the Market is created from scratch, with a different thematic focus related to the contemporary urban context.

It is an artistic event, a wide-ranging participatory performance, a place of exchange, observation and production of knowledge that combines the intimacy of tête-à-tête with the spectacularity of the theatrical installation, creating a multidisciplinary, multidimensional and hallucinatory space of knowledge, evoking what Milan is and could become.


4. Clinica Botanica, Vivaio Aperto – December 13 to 16.

Are you still missing any Christmas gifts to place?

From Later? Space big sale, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Dec. 13-16, of plants of all kinds, in collaboration with Clinica Botanica.