1 December 2023

Tips for the weekend of December 1/2/3

1. Mousse’s Magazine Sale – November 24/25/26.

Mousse, a historic magazine covering contemporary art, opens its doors, selling off what remains in its warehouses.

Just take a trip to their website and your mouth will water, peeling off the editions of Mousse Publishing, their independent publishing house.

The sale will take place at their headquarters, 28 Decembrio Street, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 1.

If you have friends who are passionate about contemporary art well, any other places to find great gifts for a few euros?

2. Christmas is gOOOd – 1/2/3 December

The beautiful and conscious alternative to the usual Christmas shopping. Activities that bring value to the community and the environment.

Plus marketplace organized by gOOders, which has very carefully selected brands that believe in positive change.

Several activities for younger children as well, for example, a workshop on vertical gardening.

Find all the activities on their website, where you can also buy the book (free offer) to enter and enjoy a great party!

3. Maxxi Talk – December 1.

At 6 p.m. Dec. 1, inside Rome’s Maxi, a beautiful moment of reflection with guests
exceptional: Emilio Isgrò and Mario Botta,
two sacred monsters of the current scene
Italian contemporary artisitics.

Margherita Guccione will speak.
(scientific director Grande MAXXI) and
Bartolomeo Pietromarchi (director of
MAXXI Arte).

The Talk will begin at 6 pm.

“To celebrate 75 years of the Italian Constitution, the Museum commissioned a major project from Emilio Isgrò, one of Italy’s most internationally known artists, and Mario Botta, a world-renowned Swiss architect. Their unprecedented collaboration resulted in the installation Do Not Kill, which was awarded the Medal of the President of the Republic. The project consists of a monumental Sinai stone bas-relief articulated in eleven elements, contained in a spectacular Lebanon cedar architecture placed in the Museum Square.”

Seats will be reserved for Maxi Card holders by sending an email to mymaxxi@fondazionemaxxi.it, so make the card and hurry!

4. Allegri Illustratori – Dec. 2/3

Allegri Illustrators Festival on December 2 and 3 inside the iconic Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

“Ai,” is not only the acronym in English for artificial intelligence, but also for the project of the Cheerful Illustrators, which, as the organizers of Supernatural say, “Of artificial intelligence it has nothing, but it is certainly a moment of art where everything comes up spontaneously and naturally, just the way we like it.”

No rules, then, except that wine, food and music will flow at will for this new Supernatural art project, “against all intelligence, artificial and otherwise.” The game is simple: put X number of distinguished illustrators in a room for a set amount of time and set them free to create.

Here is the program, on their Instagram page.

BONUS! Our photos from last weekend
(because we, where we advise you to go, we really do go!)

A trio of shots to tell you how it went at the Studio Magazine party at Triennale, an event we recommended last week.

Beautiful was the atmosphere: it always makes a certain impression to see people drinking and eating inside an institution like the Triennale, where silence and righteous contemplation reign during the day.

Very nice talks by Francesco Oggiano and the Lumpa in the Agora room: the former told his process of making an interview, through 12 stories of people randomly stopped in the squares of Italy.

The second showcases a vocabulary of astrology that even the most disbelieving of the subject have come to appreciate.

Also nice was the exhibition on new Italian artists, a few interesting names we were happy to note down.