17 November 2023

Tips for the weekend of November 17/18/19

1. National Geographic Festival – November 17/18/19

Each of us felt distant for a few seconds while watching documentaries, only to find ourselves in the gray Milan. For once, National Geographic responds by attending the metropolis of Milan: how to miss it?

It is organized by the Gedi Group, within the spaces of City Life, where topics related to water use, environmental awareness, communication and climate change will be discussed.

2. Spies and more, Book City Milan – Nov. 18

.Carlo Ginzburg talks together with Adriano Sofri about his latest book just released, “Spies and More.”

At Castello Sfrorzesco, precisely in the setting of the Visconti Hall, we will listen attentively to the author of other books we have loved so much.

3. Future Film Festiva – November 15/16/17/18/19

Contamination is the key word with which the festival organizers wanted to announce the 23rd edition.
This weekend will be held in Bologna: the capital of Emilia and its traditions will be the setting for the future of the Italian film industry, with in-depth talks and much more.

4. The art screen – Nov. 15/16/17/18/19

Sweded cinema, great animation and artificial intelligence for a 23rd edition under the banner of contamination to be held at DumBo, a regenerated area transformed into a creative district on the outskirts of downtown, shared by various Bolognese social and cultural realities.

The theme chosen this year-“Be Kind, Remake”-also highlights the link with the interdisciplinary, experimental and collective spaces that have been at the root of the festival since its beginnings: we talk about handcrafted, handmade cinema, in the sign of Michel Gondry. Exactly fifteen years ago, the director, with his masterpiece Be Kind Rewind, reinvigorated the world of “sweded” cinema, suédé in French: remakes of popular blockbusters made with limited budgets, poverty of means, acting and amateur tools. The Future Film Festival opens a window on this world, hosting events and films that capture its anarchic and imaginative spirit, a child of postmodernism and the DIY, Do It Yourself ethos.

BONUS! Tartufabndo 2023 – November 15/16/17/18/19

Here you may see us eating in an unglamorous manner kilograms of Truffle, let’s be clear, to push the product after some unlucky years (we are not gluttons).