23 November 2023

🎭 Education on Tour with Sisal – first step

▲ Top view photo of a moment of the activity organized by CREG for Sisal – Education on tour

🎭 For Giorgio Strehler, theater is the place of questions. It is a definition in which we find ourselves, because asking new questions is our obsession and torment, and we often propose language and theatrical action in our activities (even at the cost of giving up our beloved purple).

It has often become more so thanks in part to CREG Production, which has made its theater in the Varese area a kind of second home for us.
The role of theater in conveying emotion and releasing from the bonds and burden of custom is known to allu, but every time it happens before our eyes it amazes and surprises us.

It was the first stage of a journey we have embarked on with Sisal that will take us on a tour throughout Italy, in contact with the different locations.
what can I say, shit shit shit shit!

Thanks to Antonio Piscopo, Petra Doppio, and Arianna Carletti who collaborated with us to make it all possible!