21 November 2023

Life Changer@Work – the podcast designed for GiGroup

▲ Screenshot of the podcast, which you can find available to everyone on Spotify

Everything changes and always too much: market, life, society.
And last (but not least) the world of work is changing, and given the last few years, to give the world of work the adjective “changing” would be reductive.

With Gi Group Holding, we worked on a podcast that could focus on this change through the very people at Gi Group who try, every day, to lead and anticipate change, improving people’s lives.

Thanks to our Luigi, who lends his voice to this fine project and to Riccardo Calabrò, who directs it from behind the scenes, and Benedetta Roiati, who coordinated it all.
And thanks also to Marta Messana who made it possible and Silvia Pari and Cristina De Tomasi, guests of the first episode and who kicked off the recording sessions.

You can find it on Spotify, the link is this ➡️ https://lnkd.in/d_Wbherm