9 November 2023

🚧 Wayfinding in our projects.

▲ Signage designed in collaboration with Briscola Studio kids, produced from reclaimed materials

Wayfinding and the signage system may seem like minor aspects, but they play a very significant role in the experience of an event and space, all the more so if it is crowded and located in large spaces like the Federvolley Pavesi Center.

That’s why together with the guys from Briscola Studio we came up with an eco-sustainable system, developed only with recycled materials, with colors and shapes that recalled the energy and values of a2a‘s #SportFestival.

The folks at Briscola Studio (that would then be Philip, Paride and Marco) are cool, we will definitely call them back (go check out their website https://briscola.eu/ and buy them).