24 November 2023

Tips for the weekend of November 24/25/26

1. Sprint Milan – November 24/25/26

Sprint returns, and takes up many spaces in Milan, to put on a fine display how independent publishing has the communicative and narrative power of a bolted horse.

Below is the list of locations that will be involved:

NOV 24 | 5pm-9pm
Opening Exhibition Public Program

Pecchio Street 3

NOV 25-26 | 11am-9pm
SPRINT Milan Art Book Fair
+ Public Program

Maiocchi Space
Via Maiocchi 5
Regina Giovanna
4 Maiocchi Street

NOV 25 | 11pm-5am
Fundraising Party

c/o Nivea Club
38 Apelle Street

29 NOV-16 DEC

Swiss Institute
Via del Vecchio Politecnico 3

2. Earthquakes – Nov. 24/25/26

At Leoncavallo, that world of agriculture that is struggle, that is revenge, that is rebellion takes center stage.

It has been going on for 15 years, and it does not intend to quit this year either.

“to derailing, unnatural youth
to degenerate, dysfunctional, criminal youth

3. Magazine Study in Triennial – Nov. 25/26

Extensive program (we won’t write it down for you, it would take up most of this page but you can find it here), talks, music, food, quality drinking, theatrical and audiovisual performances, screenings, exhibitions, publishing, books.

Ah, free admission (by registration).

4. Daydreaming – November 24/25/26

The format of Wide-eyed deviates in part from that of a traditional festival to cultivate the relationship between artistə and the city, create spaces in which to do research, develop collective art, exhibition and publishing projects, and move away from the dynamic of the international guest crossing the city at a single flagship event.

Here is the program, scattered throughout Bologna.

BONUS! Memissima 2023 – November 24/25/26

It is a festival we really like, a symptom of a form of communication that is following in the footsteps of Emoji some fifteen years ago, and for that reason it needs to be investigated and understood.

Then it’s at Off Topic, a post dear to us, where we’ve done several events and where we not only eat well and conscientiously, but drink like a god.