2 November 2023

⚽️🏀 Sport Festival

▲ QR Code with link to interactive map of Pavesi Federvolley Center.

We organized with a2a a day of discovery, challenge and unconventional learning in the form of a mega tournament of different sports.

We watched colleagues dance wrestling in a noisy and festive #Capoeira roda, while next door another group found its center in the flow of #TaiChi. Archery arrows flew with more or less accuracy over the teams playing #Quidditch (this could be a dramatization, but we commit to it at the next meeting). Then Beach Volleyball, Frisbee, #Spikeball (officially fall/winter game).
At one point we saw 150 people playing catch, but it may have been a hallucination.

We know, sports – like everything – is about something else. On this day it talked a lot about overcoming the fear of failure, of showing up inadequate and imperfect and showing up openly WHILE learning, while making mistakes, in the moment before doing something well.

It was an energizing day, we thank Anna De Fidio, Giampaolo Montemaggi and Stefano Glenzer, and also our “coaches” Jacopo, Luigi, Giulia, Benedetta, Massimo, Dino, Chiara, Xheni, Michele and Riccardo.

🌿 Thanks to Briscola Studio for designing a mapping and signage system with reclaimed materials. Not a participant was lost in the huge Federvolley Pavesi Center, not a piece of material was bought or thrown away to make the signage.